Passion, financing and work ethic don’t guarantee success.

Business Advisory

Founders are often expertly skilled in one area of the business but are a little less certain of other key functional areas of the business, especially as the business grows. Business Advisory services by The FluidState empower business owners with resources, frameworks, and business maps to make data-driven decisions to increase the likelihood of success. We have many miles under our belt drawing from our experience in business strategy and legal consulting particularly in financial services, aviation, retail and technology. We cross the globe working in markets throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Safe Space

It can be isolating and lonely at the top. As a leader you are always on, leading the charge, providing motivation and vision. But who can you talk to about pivotal moments, your doubts or concerns for the business, or develop alternative ideas that need a little work? We are all human and need people who understand the challenges and those moments. We bring knowledge, experience and empathy to those conversations in a safe space so that you can express yourself in an unfiltered way.


Strategic Decisions

When can we increase our R&D hiring? What is the right sales compensation model? When should we consider outside investment for financing? How much should we invest in customer acquisition? Have the legal and risk issues been appropriately considered? There are countless decisions that must be made daily, but there are high-leverage decisions that must be made methodically. We help business owners understand their options and present them with recommendations.



Businesses are built by entrepreneurs who find a way to survive and thrive, but successful businesses are driven by consistent process. This requires organization, documentation, and a desire to improve upon the way things operate today. We bring a systems-thinking mindset and frameworks to optimize your existing business into repeatable steps, which increases your ability to scale.



Business owners can become a slave to the constant emails, notifications, pings, and dings. It’s often 6:00 PM and the business owner had not completed any “real” work, so it bleeds into the evening, family time, and even the early morning. It doesn’t have to be that way. We understand the pain and we know how to navigate out into a healthy and highly productive work-life balance. Our team helps business owners regain control of their life in a way that empowers even more growth.



The strongest resource in a business is the people who ensure customers are cared for and products are shipped. But growing a team from one to many is not for the faint of heart. From developing a strong culture to the myriad of human resource considerations, we help business owners navigate the most rewarding, but also the most volatile, part of building a business: People.



When was the last time you considered the tools you use every day? We think about it constantly because the pace of change and the volume of tools available to business owners today is greater than ever--so is the opportunity to leverage technology for faster and cheaper execution of work. We help business owners discover what’s possible, recommend specific solutions and even assist in implementing those changes throughout the company.