We deliver financial clarity and operational certainty.

(so you can take on what's next)

Yes, you can access C-Level services on-demand.

Your business is growing and you’re in over your head in one area of the business. Maybe you just don’t have the need for a full time CXO at this stage but could definitely draw on their technical expertise, proven leadership skills, or regulatory and governance excellence? Or maybe you are going through a leadership transition and need a CXO to step in and fill the gap on an interim basis. We could go on, but which area is challenging you the most right now?

Our Services


C-Suite Services

You’re the visionary. A sales-driven leader. But you know your business has grown and needs executive-level help. C-Suite Services by The FluidState brings financial clarity and operational certainty to growth-stage CEOs and their companies. Our advisors serve as fractional or interim CFO, CLO, COO, or CSO to business owners and managing partners with a focus on strategic finance, aligning teams, leveraging technology, and useful metrics. Our advisors bring extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic financial and operational plans in growth-stage businesses and early-stage start-ups.


Business Advisory

What’s your blind spot? Business Advisory services by The FluidState empower business owners with resources, frameworks and business maps to make the right decision, quickly. Whether it's the development of strategic growth pathways, mergers & acquisitions, or transformation, The FluidState have the expertise to help you decide and execute effectively. We provide strategic business and legal advice to start-ups, growth businesses and multinationals. We have deep experience in diverse and dynamic industries and we bring all of that to the table when we advise you and your team.